Mountain View Middle School Mission Statement

Mountain View Middle School provides an engaging and safe learning environment that promotes academic, physical, social, creative, and emotional development for all our students.

We believe each of our students has the potential to grow and excel as a(n):

  • Independent thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Effective communicator
  • Respectful individual
  • Responsible and engaged citizen
Beliefs—We believe in:
  • Aligning our beliefs and our practice to address the developmental uniqueness of the age group
  • Teaching, modeling, and exhibiting respect, support, and cooperation with students parents, colleagues, and community members
  • Providing a welcoming environment where all students and staff feel valued, and safe, and are treated with respect, dignity, and equity
  • Providing an engaging learning environment with high expectations, differentiated instruction, and purposeful, relevant learning
  • Being knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about our subject matter and student achievement
  • Modeling the characteristics of the life long learner by engaging in on-going professional development
  • Encouraging open lines of communication and providing opportunities for parents and the community to become an integral part of our students' learning
Expectations—Students are expected to:
Academic Expectations

Communicate effectively
  • Read actively and critically
  • Write effectively
  • Speak articulately
  • Listen actively
Employ multiple strategies in reasoning and problem solving
  • Identify and solve problems
  • Gather and analyze information
  • Draw and apply conclusions
Purposefully use technology
  • Connect technology to learning
  • Gather and communicate information and ideas across all disciplines
Social and Civic Expectations
  • Actively participate as responsible citizens in the school and community
  • Treat people and property with respect
  • Resolve conflicts responsibly
  • Exhibit awareness of appropriate choices and behaviors that affect their physical, social and emotional well-being
  • Grow and refine an appreciation for the arts and creative expression