The Adult Diploma is a true diploma. It is recognized by the State of New Hampshire and awarded by the Goffstown School Board. The environment is less traditional than the day diploma program, however the academic expectations are the same. (See Adult Diploma Requirements.) There is no upper age limit for the adult diploma; students between the ages of 17-107 can earn this diploma with pride. 

To enter the diploma program, students request all previous high school records be sent to the Director of The GAP at GHS (27 Wallace Road, Goffstown, NH 03045). (See Transcript Request Form). Upon receipt of school records, the director and student will meet to review the credits previously earned, and the credits still required to earn the Adult Diploma. During this interview, the student and director will create an individualized plan for completion of credits with a timeline of expected progress.

Diploma classes have very strict attendance requirements. In order to successfully complete a class, students must attend all classes and understand the commitment to out of school assignments (homework or projects).Classes generally meet on either Tuesday OR Thursday evening, from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Classes usually begin the week after the start of the regular high school semester and run for 15 weeks. The Fall semester then would begin the second week in September and end in mid-December.  The Spring semester would begin the first week in February and end in May. Summer classes meet on a varied schedule throughout the month of July.

All students who enter the diploma program are expected to conduct themselves as adults. The Student's Acknowledgement of Responsibilities is a contract signed by both incoming students and the director prior to admission in The GAP at GHS. The adult diploma program is a supportive environment for students who sincerely want to earn their high school diploma. There is no tolerance of behavioral disruptions or disregard of other people - faculty, student or GHS guest.

Diploma classes are priced individually: tuition plus the cost of books or lab fees.  Students may pay in installments throughout the semester as long as they remain in good standing. Credit is withheld until outstanding financial commitments to the GAP have been met.

Although diplomas can be earned and awarded throughout the calendar year, there is a Year End Celebration in early June or late May to honor all Adult Diploma recipients, successful GED graduates and other students of distinction throughout the previous academic year at the GAP. Diploma and GED graduates are encouraged to invite family and friends to this graduation celebration.

Volunteer Fingerprinting

FingerprintSAU #19 continues to host fingerprinting opportunities throughout the school year on the first Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Volunteers do not need to make an appointment during these open times, just check in with the receptionist at the SAU office. You will need a photo identification and a personal check or money order for $20.75 made payable to State of NH - Criminal Records (which per-Goffstown policy can be reimbursed once you document five hours of volunteer time). Cash payment will no longer be accepted.

Bus Routes

BusThe Goffstown Truck Center has provided Bus Routes for the 2017-2018 School Year. Please review these routes carefully, as they may have changed from previous years. If you have questions about these routes, please contact the Goffstown Truck Center at 497-3111.


CalendarSchool Calendars can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format:


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